Table Care

You got your first solid wood table or maybe it’s your fourth. Doesn’t matter but, you have the basic question, how do I take care of it? I am going to give you some tips from our builders.

First let’s understand what we are talking about. Your table is made from “live” wood, not particle board or pressed wood. Your table can draw moisture in causing it to expand or bow. If it doesn’t get enough moisture, it can become too dry causing it to shrink or even crack. This will be covered by the first tip.

The trees that were used to craft your table come from all over the United States, so color and grain variation is very common. If you want to have the best results for your table, and if it is possible, the builders recommend the first three months keep the leaves on the table and don’t leave anything lingering on it. This will allow your rooms lighting to help tone the table. Now to the basic guidelines

  • As discussed, the humidity can be an issue so levels of 40% – 45% is the best level. In the winter use a humidifier and in the summer a dehumidifier or air conditioner. Be consistent as extreme changes can cause issues.
  • Keep your table away from radiators, fireplaces, or heat vents as best as you can. (See the warnings on being dry)
  • If you have leaves for your table store them flat, not vertically. Try not to store them in a basement. (Again, that humidity thing)
  • Keep away from direct sunlight. The direct sunlight can cause a change in the color tone or even wood cracking.
  • Have something hot or cold? The best idea is to have something underneath or it could cause damage to the table.
  • Nail polish and other solvents shouldn’t be near the table. It doesn’t come off and can eat through the finish leaving you with a strange blemish on the table, best to avoid this.
  • Do you have a center piece or vase you want to display on top of the table? That’s great! Felt pads or something underneath them will help make sure to keep the top pristine and avoid accidental scratches.
  • If you have a glass that is sweating it is totally okay to have sitting on the table. Just make sure to take it off the table and wipe it down where it was within about 24 hours. This way you want to have a glass mark on the table.

How do you care for it?

  • Make sure to dust it often. This helps make sure that any lingering food is swept away and keeps that grain open to the lighting.
  • Need to deep clean? Use mild soap, warm water, and a soft cloth. (Hint: Try in a out of sight area first so that you can know it won’t harm the finish) Dry with a soft cloth following the grain of the wood.

 The final care tip needs to be stated stronger. DO NOT USE wax or polish that contain silicones or ammonia!! This will create a film on the table and over time. We don’t want that. Can’t find any polishes or waxes? Come in to Broene’s Furniture, we not only have the polish recommended by the Amish but a enormous selection of tables.

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